The one where I’m grateful…

You can’t get through life without collecting a myriad of battle scars. Heck, even getting out of bed most days proves a challenge. Let’s face it…it’s snuggly, and warm in there.

Life is hard. And pain is real. And if you’ve met me, you know that those two statements tend to amplify and magnify in my world often.

So what’s a girl to do?


This girl is going to be grateful.

I mean really grateful.

Actively grateful.

Yes, life is hard, for certain; however, it is also filled with wonder. Daily. And I often forget to remember. So I’m changing that. I am being intentionally grateful for 2017.

Here’s the awkward part — I ordered a custom grateful jar on Etsy, and it’s not here yet. So I took an old vase and created a make-shift grateful jar so I could start 2017 right.

I bought this really cute paper.


They’re sticky notes. And we will write down the things we are grateful for daily. We are actually writing on the back of the paper and then folding the notes closed with the cute paper showing on the front and the note safely sealed on the back by the sticky stuff.

Then we drop the note in the jar and say thanks out loud.

This is not a new concept. I’m sure a lot of people do this. Journals, prayers, jars…whatever works for them.

And it may not change the world at large.

But I know it will change my world.

Because, if history has taught me anything, I know there will be days that I will be unable to write a note. I KNOW there will be days that the only thing I am grateful for is that I am still breathing. And I also KNOW there will even be some days where I won’t be very grateful for that. I understand that. I live it.

And you know what? On those days…I will have a jar of notes waiting for me to read. Reminding me of everything that I have. Everything that I can’t see in that moment. Everything that I need to remember.

Because I often have a very difficult time remembering things. For so long now I have trained my brain not to go back too far, to live in the moment. Which is how I’ve survived and rebuilt my life. I live in the now, or look forward. Rarely behind. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s gotten me this far. But, it is a double-edged sword. I don’t actively remember many bad things, but that means I don’t actively remember many good things either. Because I try to never go back.

So when I need to be reminded of the good, I’m hoping that I may be able to bring myself right back to the moment I saw the first cardinal of spring, or remember that amazing ice cream I tasted, or rediscover that funny joke. Or, I could possibly recall the day I woke up and all three of my kids were here at the same time and remember how it filled my heart with joy. Who knows?

I do know this, I know that I will have a jar full of positive. And that’s all I’ll need to be ready for battle.

So bring it 2017. You may be tough. But I’m grateful. And fierce. And now I have a way to safely remember. I can take you.


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