In the beginning…

There may have been a point or two in my life when I was smooth…normal even. In the far, far away, way – way past. That was before.

Before what, you ask? Ah…before that life blew up in my face and I began living this new, megnificently (yes, I meant to say megnificently) awkward life.

In the words of every 12-Step Program: Hello. I’m Meg – and I’m Megnificently Awkward. (This is where you say, “Hi Meg!”)

What’s so awkward about you Meg?

Lets just say I know my way around bringing a conversation to a screeching halt. Or falling down standing still. Or making a wildly sharp turn when sitting in a chair. Spilled milk? Child’s play! Trust me. 

My life is way more like this pamingo ornament of mine than anything else.

Wait. What’s a pamingo?

Well, my Megnificently Awkward Pamingo the creation of two broken ornaments I had. Rather than throwing them away, my kids used the broken pieces to create a new, awkward one that they then hung in a place of honor on the tree. Because why not? Isn’t life about picking up the pieces and moving on? My life is anyway.


Join me on my journey and read all about my Megnificently Awkward life. It’ll be fun (for you).

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